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Follow the thread of our story:

​Trame Asolo is not a challenge to modern life but a complement to our hectic lives. Instead of speed and technology the soul is filled with patience and precision to create perfect harmony. Creativity using our hands is the essence of humanity and inspired us to recover a 200 years old tradition here in Asolo and create a new magical reality TRAME ASOLO.
Weaving is not just a history in our family but flows in the blood, Monica bought Benedetta up with silk and weaving and through their bond they have created an extraordinary venture. In fact, she was lucky and she had the commitment to learn the knowledge and to pass on the true essence of weaving craft, whose value is still today recognized throughout the world. Monica, has had the privilege of making clothes and prestigious furnishings for famous people and places of great artistic value.

All our fabrics are handcrafted using original
looms, who in their every movement weave
craft and tradition into the cloth as they
patiently do their work.

In the hands of skilled weavers unique
personalised fabrics are created centimetre
by centimetre. Tradition and innovation
coexist in extraordinary complicity in our
ACCESSORIES for both men and women.


In particular our STOLES which are created
through combining silk and yarn with i
magination and skill to
match your heart’s desire.

Our workshop, in the heart of one of Italy’s
most famous villages is, as fate would have it,
opposite the home of Eloenora Duse and
so can draw on the same inspirations.