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Textile creations

All "textile emotions" are unique pieces, customizable according to your tastes and desires. Our creations are made entirely by hand using nineteenth century's original looms. Silk is the basis of every weave! Stoles, ties, pocket handkerchiefs, fabrics by the meter for tailor-made suits or furnishings ...
You can choose the accessory you prefer, the best yarn, the colors, the hand embroidery of the initials and any other detail that your imagination suggests. In this gallery you can find out what the hands of the weavers can do in the atelier. To buy our products already done or made following your requests you can visit us in the laboratory or contact us directly. Shipments are guaranteed worldwide.

Creazioni tessili

Silk and mohair stole 70 x 250
Accessories for man and woman
Silk and cashmere stole
Silk, wool and mohair stole 70 x 250
Tailor made dress
The bride
Silk and mohair stole 70 x 250
Multicolor silk stole 70 x 250
Silk and lamè - silk and lamè stole 70 x 250
Silk pocket handkerchiefs
Silk ties and pocket handkerchiefs
Silk men's scarf 40 x 180
Silk and bourette thread stole 70 x 250
Silk and mohair cushion
Silk scarf under construction
Silk and lamè stole
Silk and lamè stole 70 x 250
Silk scarf 40 x 180
Personalized silk ties
Silk and wool blanket
A glimpse into our laboratory
Tailor made silk dress